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Backyard Explorers

Backyard Explorers Virtual Summer Camp

Backyard Explorer 
Kids (kindergarten through 5th grade) can enjoy the four-part "Backyard Explorers" series. The series will provide kids and their families with resources to explore and discover nature in their own back yards.  


MammalsLearn about the warm-blooded creatures that not only call the Metro Parks home but can be found in your own back yard!

Activity: Making Tracks

Activity: Backyard Mammal Bingo

Discover clues and signs that mammals have visited your back yard! Use our Backyard Mammal Bingo Activity (above) to help track your findings. 
Learn what makes an animal a mammal and identify some of the furry residents and visitors you may find in your own back yard. 


PlantsThis virtual camp topic explores the diverse plant life you can find in Summit Metro Parks and in your own back yard!

Activity: Make a Leaf Print

Activity: Make a Plant Press

Learn how to collect and dry plants, as well as some of the ways you can use them. 
Learn how the shapes, colors and growth patterns of leaves can help you identify what kind of trees are growing in your back yard. Download our dichotomous tree key to help you along the way. 


BirdsLearn what birds need to survive and how to attract them to your yard.

Activity: Milk carton bird feeder

Activity: Bird Stencil 

Activity: Build your own wren house 

Learn the basics of bird identification and how to keep a journal of your bird observations. Use the provided bird stencil to sketch in your journal the birds you see. 
Discover how to create a bird-friendly space right in your own back yard! Learn what birds need to survive and identify some ways you can make your yard more attractive to birds. 


BugsLearn what insects you might find outside, how to help them and how to attract them to your yard.

Download: Bee an Insect Ally

Insects Dichotomous Key 

Activity: Pollinator Hunt Color Chart

Learn how to find insects hidden in your own back yard! After going on a bug hunt, try to identify what you have found using observations and photos. Learn how to invite insects to your yard using the tips in our "Bee an Insect Ally" download above or by creating a pollinator habitat.   

Learn what makes an animal an insect and how to tell them apart from other creepy crawlers in your back yard. Use our Dichotomous Key Activity (above) to practice your insect-identifying skills.