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Wild Back Yards

Wild Back Yards

Discover the benefits of a Wild Back Yard!
Small changes at home can be big for wildlife.


Coming in 2023, Summit Metro Parks invites you to explore ways small differences at home can make a big impact for local wildlife.


On May 28 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., join Summit Metro Parks staff and local native plant nurseries to learn more about the vital role of native plants in our ecosystem. Browse a wide variety of plants available for purchase, or attend an educational session to better understand how to incorporate native plants into your landscaping. 

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Humans are a part of nature, too. When the plant and animal communities around us are healthy, it helps us thrive as well. Wild Back Yards encourages our community to work together in providing habitat for our wildlife through the use of native plants to counteract the effects of habitat loss and habitat fragmentation. At Summit Metro Parks, we’re your back yard. And what you do in your yard can help us make an even bigger impact in sustainable management of natural resources and inspiring people to connect with nature.

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Join Summit Metro Parks for an educational program to learn more about Wild Back Yards! Programs vary by month and may cover gardening tips for home, plant ID, and more! Check our Programs & Events listing and look for the "Wild Back Yards" icon (pictured left).

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Find out whether your plants are native to the area! Any of the following identification tools may be helpful in your search:

USDA Plants Database
BONAP native plant checker 


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