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Nature Center (OPENS 5/21!) & Twinsburg Ledges Area
9999 Liberty Rd., Twinsburg 44087

Pond Brook Conservation Area
3973 E. Aurora Rd.
Twinsburg 44087

Recreation Area
9385 Liberty Rd., Twinsburg 44087

6 a.m. - 11 p.m.


Liberty Park
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Located in the conservation area, the trail follows an old service road, where vehicles once traveled to and from oil wells, last used in 2003. Today, you'll walk between two large buttonbush swamps. The trail's namesake, the buttonbush, is a flowering shrub that grows in shallow water about one to two feet deep.






Visitors pass by a unique system of sandstone ledges, into Glacier Cave and to a wetland before traveling back to the trailhead over a long boardwalk. The ledges are covered by a "living skin." Ferns, mosses and lichens grow here, and endangered bats and other species live in the area. For the protection of natural resources, please stay on the trail.





Sugarbush Trail loops through the city-run recreation area. The distance measured does not include the walk around the ballfield to the trailhead. For more information, please call the city of Twinsburg's Parks & Recreation Department at 330-963-8722.


Class  A=Multipurpose  B=Accessible*  C=Basic  D=Primitive**  E=Bridle

Rating  1=Easy  2=Moderate  3=Difficult

*Flat, easy trail or section with asphalt or crushed limestone surface that meets or exceeds ADA requirements.
Spree For All for more information about accessible trails. Click for OPDMD trails

** Rugged and challenging with uneven surfaces and steep, narrow routes

History & Wildlife

Long before Liberty Park was formed, humans in prehistory camped here, drank the clean, cold springs and hunted game. Upon European settlement, trees were cleared for farming, but maples were spared for their sweet sap.

Today, the 1,908-acre Liberty Park is a unique partnership between the City of Twinsburg and the park district. The city manages the park's 100-acre recreation area, including the play fields and playground. Metro Parks manages the remaining acreage, including three trails and the Pond Brook Conservation Area. Both areas are open 6 a.m. to sunset.

Large trees exist on rock ledges and in wetlands within the conservation area, where fens and bogs are "protected" by poison sumac and swamp rose. Metro Parks has designated this a Low Impact Area, meaning mowing, trails and other park improvements will be kept to a minimum. This protects the various species that live in the area's wetlands and vernal pools.

Liberty Park harbors countless rare and endangered species, including Indiana bats, marsh wrens, ospreys and bald eagles. Other creatures seen here include beavers, long-tailed weasels, dragonflies, butterflies, red-backed salamanders, wood frogs and turtles. In July 2006, Audubon Ohio named Liberty Park an Important Bird Area.


The city-run recreation area includes four ball fields, two soccer fields, a playground, a 0.5-acre dog park and an open-air picnic shelter. The shelter is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For information, call the City of Twinsburg's Parks & Recreation Department at 330-963-8722.



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