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Deer Management

Unnatural deer densities have resulted in noticeable browse lines throughout our wooded areas, affecting plant communities and other wildlife.

Archery | Division of Wildlife

Regionally and throughout the state, changes in habitat and the elimination of natural predators have allowed deer herds to grow to unnatural densities, threatening biodiversity.

In some areas, deer densities have been documented at more than 200 per square mile. Densities that exceed 20 per square mile are associated with threats to biodiversity.

Sharpshooters have culled 1,735 deer in the Metro Parks since 2004, and the venison has been donated to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. More than 4,300 pounds were donated in the 2012-13 season. Since the start of the deer management program, almost 75,000 pounds of venison have been given to the Foodbank.

Through five previous seasons of the archery program, participants have taken 301 total deer.

In 2014, Metro Parks has permission from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife, to manage the population in six parks: Cascade Valley, Hampton Hills, Liberty Park, Munroe Falls, O'Neil Woods and Sand Run. The program will be conducted over 10 nights.


2013-14 Archery Program

Press Release | Archery Rules | Application*

Metro Parks, Serving Summit County will allow hunting by bow and arrow or crossbow in select areas by permit as part of its ongoing deer management program. Each permit, determined by lottery Friday, July 26, 2013 is good for up to three adults and three juveniles, all of whom must be Summit County residents.

*Mail archery applications to:

Metro Parks, Serving Summit County
P.O. Box 5250
Akron, OH 44334

Applications must be postmarked by July 18, 2013. Lottery winnters will be notified by August 2, and the individuals named on permits will have to pass an archery test.




Did You Know?

O'Neil Offer
Much of O'Neil Woods Metro Park was donated in 1972 by the O'Neil family, of General Tire fame.

Bats use a form of sonar similar to what is used by the military.

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