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Updated February 10, 2016

For details, call the administrative offices 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday: 330-867-5511.


Throughout the park district, outdoor drinking fountains will be turned off until spring beginning November 3, 2015.

Towpath Trail
  • 12/01/15: Due to sewer work in Akron, the trail is rerouted between Memorial Parkway and the Mustill Store Trailhead, just north of downtown. The new route will be in effect for several years.
  • 05/14/16: Expect heavy trail use as approximately 140 people will be biking the Towpath Trail, north to south, during the Towpath Century Ride.
  • 08/13/16: Expect heavy trail use as approximately 200 people participate in the Tour Du Towpath, which will take place on Towpath Trail from Eastern Road to the Stark County line.


Throughout the park district, outdoor drinking fountains will be turned off until spring beginning November 3, 2015.

Cascade Valley Metro Park:
  • 1/18/16: The Overlook Trail and parking lot at 354 Sackett Ave., Akron, will be closed through April 30. During this time, a crew will rebuild the Overlook Deck – which sits 125 feet above the Cuyahoga River – and pave with asphalt the crushed limestone parking lot and half-mile loop trail. To help eliminate seasonal washouts near the trailhead, bioswales will be installed to collect rainwater. A drinking fountain and permanent restroom building will be added later.
Firestone Metro Park:
  • 05/27/16: About 150 people will be utilizing Little Turtle Pond for a school fishing activity.
Gorge Metro Park:
  • 02/04/16: The Highbridge Trail and parking lot are closed indefinitely while sewer repairs are made. The work is supposed to conclude February 26.
Hampton Hills:
  • 12/01/15: The Top O' the World Area is closed for the season. It will open in spring '16.
Liberty Park:
  • 05/21/16: Between 150 and 200 people will be utilizing Liberty Park for a special event.
Munroe Falls Metro Park:
  • 12/01/15: The lake has been lowered for the season. Boating will not be possible until spring.
Sand Run:
  • 02/5/16: Shady Hollow Pavilion is a total loss following a 2/4 fire. Officials will contact permit holders who planned to use the facility for upcoming events. Alternate accomodations or refunds will be available. Dogwood Trail, which passes in front of Shady Hollow's former front door, is closed until further notice.
  • 12/22/15: As part of the reroute that was started last summer, Mingo Trail is being closed west of Shady Hollow Pavilion. A "Trail Closed, Return on Same Trail"-type of sign will be added.

Did You Know?

Whistle Pigs
Groundhogs are sometimes referred to as whistle pigs because, when frightened, they make a loud, sharp whistle sound.

Surprising Salamanders
Salamanders are amphibians, which usually lay eggs in bodies of water. But one of our most common species, the red-backed salamander, is completely terrestrial. It lays its eggs on land.

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