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2013-'14 Press Release | Winter Sports Chart

To learn if winter sports areas are open, call our seasonal info line (330-865-8060) or follow @metro_parks on Twitter.

Cross-Country Skiing
Some areas are too steep to negotiate safely on skis. To help keep your skis from being damaged by sharp, uncovered stones, ski only when the trails have at least two inches of snow cover.

Ice Skating
Never skate on a pond or lake unless signs indicate it is open for skating. Ice must be four inches thick and free of snow, and temperatures must remain several degrees below freezing for long periods of time. Wear properly fitted skates with sharpened blades for enhanced control and safety.

The best conditions for sledding include frozen ground with at least two inches of snow cover. Walk up the side of sled hills, not in the center where you may be in the path of moving sleds. Sledding is prohibited on trails and wooded hills.






Did You Know?

Familiar Laugh
Woody Woodpecker was modeled after our largest woodpecker, the pileated.

Watching Water Quality
Non-point sources of pollution (like soil erosion and impervious surfaces) are now a greater threat to water quality than industry.

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