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To contact a park ranger for non-emergencies, please call the following numbers:

330-867-5511 (Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.)
330-475-0029 (After hours, weekends and holidays)

For emergencies, please call 911.

If your idea of a park ranger is Smokey the Bear, keep reading. Metro Parks rangers do much more than prevent forest fires.

Our rangers are commissioned peace officers who enforce the park district’s rules, regulations and other applicable laws to protect resources and achieve visitor safety. Rangers also educate and provide information, protect lives and property, administer special-use permits and maintain good order.

Rangers patrol each of our 14 developed parks and six conservation areas – mostly on foot. On average, the department conducts more than 10,000 hours of foot patrols each year. The department uses SUVs for all-purpose patrols, both on- and off-road. Rangers also use pickup trucks for patrols and to transport bikes and ATVs, both of which are used to patrol the Bike & Hike and Towpath trails.

For communication purposes, each ranger carries a 4-watt UHF, 800 MHZ portable radio, and a 40-watt radio is installed in all patrol vehicles. Emergencies and information requests are dispatched through the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Look for a ranger the next time you visit your favorite Metro Park. Uniforms consist of black pants and tan shirts. Authorized jackets and sweaters are also black, while headgear consists of black campaign-style hats and black ball caps with the ranger insignia.

In-School Visits
Students (grades 2-5) can learn more about being safe outdoors with an in-school visit by a uniformed Metro Parks ranger. Topics include summer and winter safety techniques, and students receive Junior Ranger badges and other materials. For scheduling, please call 330-865-8052.



Did You Know?

Big Smile
Adult opossums have 50 teeth. That's more than any other mammal in the Metro Parks.

Whistle Pigs
Groundhogs are sometimes referred to as whistle pigs because, when frightened, they make a loud, sharp whistle sound.

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