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To help define the role Summit Metro Parks plays in an ever-changing world, we have defined key words from our mission statement:

To acquire, conserve and sustainably manage natural resources to provide the public with passive outdoor recreational and educational opportunities through a regional system of natural- area parks.

Sustainably Manage We achieve the triple-bottom-line of sustainability throughout our parks, facilities, programs and daily operations. We are committed to having a positive impact on the natural environment, the social fabric and economic health and vitality of our community; to managing our carbon footprint; and to ensuring access to the Metro Parks, engendering an appreciation for nature and encouraging respect for all.
Natural Resources We manage wildlife and wild places – plants, animals, land, water, special habitats and undisturbed environments. Park inventories have also uncovered cultural resources (e.g., archaeological sites) that we must protect.
Outdoor Recreation We offer experiences that are compatible with the protection of natural and cultural resources. Hiking, wildlife watching, picnicking, bicycling, swimming, fishing, running, sledding, scouting programs, primitive camping and horseback riding are a few examples of the passive recreation activities permitted in the Metro Parks.

Acceptable activities do not threaten rare species or habitats, impact cultural resources, take away from park views, negatively impact visitor experiences, require continued maintenance of unnatural environments, and are not in conflict with the park district's rules and regulations.
Education We promote stewardship of natural and cultural resources. Guided programs, indoor exhibits, trailside interpretive panels, how-to lessons, speaking engagements, printed pieces and face-to-face interaction with naturalists, rangers and other staff are a few ways Metro Parks fosters an appreciation for nature.
Natural-area Parks We limit development to parking areas, trails, restrooms, kiosks, benches, overlooks, boardwalks, pavilions, shelters and other structures that enhance visitor experiences. Less than 10 percent of our land has been developed; another six percent has restricted use due to sensitive habitats. The balance is open to outdoor recreational and educational opportunities that are compatible with our mission.




Did You Know?

Cave Café
Mary Campbell Cave in Gorge Metro Park used to be called Old Maid's Kitchen. In the summer, tourists to the area had lunch lowered to them from the cliff above - for a fee, of course.

Bats use a form of sonar similar to what is used by the military.

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